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Dear Lea, I want to take this time to extend my thanks and appreciation for all that you did for my daughter�s case. She finally got her visa and just arrived to join the family after so long. It was a honored to have such a good lawyer like you represent her. I could not have done it without you. Again, we say thank you so much for everything. Happy thanksgiving and may the lord continue to bless you.

Sincerely, A.W. (Immigrant Visa processing for daughter)

Me gustaria mucho publicamente brindar todo mi mas sincero reconocimiento y admiracion a su excelente desempeno como abogada de inmigracion. Muchas gracias por toda la atencion y el cuidado que usted ha puesto en mi caso de inmigracion y en la accion diferida de mi hijo. Sin duda alguna, gracias a su profesionalismo, esfuerzo, y conocimiento en las leyes de inmigracion se pudo rescatar mi caso de asilo que practicamente ya estaba perdido debido al mal desempeno de otros seudo-abogados de inmigracion sin etica. Supero por mucho las buenas referencias y recomendaciones que habiamos resibido por parte de nuestros amigos a los cuales tambien les agradecemos. Es realmente gratificante saber que estamos en manos de la abogada que en mi opinion es la mejor abogada de inmigracion que pudimos haber encontrado en Anchorage Alaska. Que Dios la bendiga abogada !!!!.

Atte.- A.D.- nacional de Mexico (caso de asilo y DACA)

I would like to publicly provide my most sincere appreciation and admiration to your excellent performance as an immigration lawyer. Thank you very much for all the care and attention you gave to my immigration case and to the deferred action of my son. Without a doubt, thanks to your professionalism, effort, and knowledge of the immigration laws you were able to rescue my asylum case, which was practically already lost due to the poor performance of others so called �attorneys� of immigration without ethics. You exceeded by far all the good references and recommendations we had from our friends, we are very grateful to them too. It is really gratifying to know that we are in the hands of a lawyer who in my opinion is the best immigration lawyer that we could ever found in Anchorage Alaska. God bless you attorney!!!

A.D., former client (Mexican national asylum case and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

I found Mrs. McDermid on a list of local attorneys on the internet. She was one of the top rated. I've actually seen 2 attorneys before her but their professionalism was very poor. Which made on the search of another attorney. Mrs. Lea greet me with professionalism and friendly attitude. Her questions regarding my case were on point. My emails and phone calls were always returned on time. I needed a work authorization stamp and she quickly responded to my request and solved the issue. My case was somewhat unique. We filed in a timely manner and no later than a year a half my case was resolved and approved. I highly recommend her services and professionalism.


My husband and I hired Lea Sullivan McDermid to help guide us with the Immigration & Naturalization process. Lea McDermid was thorough and detailed in collecting the data and information required for our case and gave excellent guidance through the interview process. Lea McDermid is professional at all times, has a sound methodical approach and helped support us throughout all stages of the procedure. We give much praise to Lea, who went out of her way to assist us, and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.


My marriage to my US wife had deteriorated and I couldn't remain in the marriage any longer. My US wife was willing to stay with me until I got my greencard but I felt if there was another interview, we'd have to lie about our feelings and that would go against our conscience. Plus it would've been obvious to any reviewer that we didn't love each other as husband and wife anymore. So I divorced my wife and tried to get the greencard on my own knowing full well it was a slim chance at best. I decided to get a lawyer to better my chances and picked Lea pretty much at random (I wasn't too hopeful a lawyer would make a difference). She was very honest about my chances but she was determined to do everything possible.

Given my slim chance, I didn't expect the level of commitment Lea made. She was thorough with everything, meticulous with the preparation work, her coaching was amazing (sensitive but without holding anything back), her knowledge on the subject matter was superior and she always had a backup plan. As a result, I got inspired myself to make sure I left no stone unturned. Against all odds, I obtained my permanent greencard. As much as I thank my God for the greencard, I know without the strong case Lea made for me and her scrupulous nature, I wouldn't be living and working in the US right now.


We were brand new to H1-B visas when we met Lea. She was very patient and guided us step-by-step through the confusing and intimidating process. Lea was prompt to reply to phone calls and e-mails. Would absolutely recommend her as an immigration attorney.


In my opinion; she had excellent services, very professional and up to date on all the laws and regulations. My case cost me a lot of money with Lea but it was worth it because my situation, thanks to her, is much better.... Also it is Awesome that she is fluent in spanish, I have no complaints.


Lea McDermid was great to work with! My friends told me horror stories about dealing with immigration so I was very nervous. Lea made it so stress free and easy. I have already referred several friends to her. We will definitely use her again in the future.

Immigration client

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